Weed Control Experts at your service!

Let us take care of your pesky weeds in paving,lawns,sportsfields and more.

•Viruses  •Bacteria
•Spores  •Moulds
•Food Processors  •HACCP
•Butcheries  •Abbatoirs
•Restuarants  •Retirement homes
•Schools  •Hospitals
•Reception area

During these trying Covid-19 Pandemic times,
Fumitek Bio is at your service for

•All businesses •Homes
•Vehicles •Retirement homes
•Schools •Hostels
•Restaurants •All food premises
•Hospitality Industry •Butcheries
•Offices •Reception areas
•Shops •Malls

Whether you run a commercial establishment,
like a restaurant or guest house, an
industrial factory park or an office
block, maintaining optimum levels of
hygiene is crucial. Your premises needs
to facilitate the health of your employees,
as healthy staff are hard working staff.
If you’re relying on sub-par in-house
hygiene services, you’re putting the
wellbeing of your employees at risk.
It’s your responsibility to ensure that
optimum hygiene and sanitary working
conditions are maintained. We offer
professional hygiene services
to an extensive range of businesses
in Southern Africa – including the
industrial, commercial and
Fumitek-Bio provide SABS-approved
disinfecting services that are non-toxic
and ensure that a broad spectrum of microscopic
organisms, including viruses, mildew, fungi,
algae and dust mites are eliminated.
retail industries.

Protecting our customers’ health, food and property for over 30 years – safely and reliably.  Fumitek-Bio is equipped to help eliminate and prevent general pest issues such as household insects, rodents and other pests for both residential and commercial customers throughout Southern Africa.

Services :
•Cockroach Control •Rodent Control
•Ant Control •Mosquito Control
•Stored Product Insects •Bird Control
•Fly Control •Termites & Wood Destroying Pests
•Wasp Removal•Lawn Care •Flea Control
•Bed Bugs•Weevil Control •Snake Relocation
•Carpet Beetle•Moth Control •Termite Control
•Pre- and Post Construction