According to the World Health Organisation (WHO),the Covid-19 virus could be with us for the next 2-3 years. Medical experts internationally also agree that due to many factors,e.g. climate change and globalization,outbursts of pandemics can occur more frequently. Importantly, general sanitizing and disinfecting practises will become a global tool in preventing these outbreaks. Therefore you can rest assured that with our expertise and proven,highly efficient decontaminating agents, we can protect
you against:

Some of the pathogens controlled:
•Corona Virus •SARS •Mers •Influenza •Pseudomonas aeruginosa
•Staphyloccus aurus •Entoroccus hirae •E.coli •Candida albicans
•Aspergillus niger •Newcastle disease •Bacillus subtilus •Clostridium

Our disinfecting products properties are proven by local-and worldwide data,
adhering to at least on of these standards:

•SANS •SABS •EU Compliant •ISO Standards •CLP-accepted codes of laboratory practises •USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Upon Certification,the relevant registrations will be provided.
Our products are also environmentally safe,bio-degradable and proven to last for many days if undisturbed,unlike most disinfectants that stop working once dry.
We apply these products according to the specific site, via
•Misting Spraying